• Police Headquarters

    Served on City Council when the Police Headquarters was constructed.

  • Killeen Airport

    Served on City Council during 2000-2006 when the Killeen Airport was built.

  • Texas A&M Killeen Campus

    Served on City Council 2000-2006 when Texas A&M opened the Killeen Campus.

  • HWY 201 Killeen

    Served on the City Council during the development of Hwy 201

  • Killeen Civic and Conference Center

    Served on the City Council when the Killeen Civic and Conference Center was constructed.

  • November 5 2009 Fort Hood Memorial

    Served on the Committee to build the Memorial for the November 5 2009 Fort Hood Shooting


I will always remain honest and continue to do what is best for our city.


I will make decisions using my strong morale values and integrity.


Over 20 years experience making decisions about the growth of this city.

I have a passion for this city and I want to see it continue to grow under the best leadership possible .

Currently Serving District 2

With the experience I bring to the table, we were able to identify savings, re-categorize expenses and bring the budget of 2017 from a deficit to a balance. I am proud to be a part of the 2018 budget process and announce that we have a surplus without having to increase any taxes or fees.  I would like to continue to move forward and work with the city council and staff to ensure that this deficit does not happen again. We have some work to do with the 2019 budget and if I am re-elected I will work together with our council and citizens to identify any issues and come to a proper solution. I believe this can take place without having to close the jail by looking into the finances and finding other ways to live within our means. I am on the committee for the forensic audit and plan to bring the fears of the citizens to rest. This audit is going to continue to go on and we won’t rest until we get all the answers for our citizens.

Killeen FinancesCouncil & Forensic Audit Committee

Crime is rampant in all parts of the city. We need to work together and be more vigilant. The cure for crime begins in our neighborhoods and in our homes We need to keep our eyes open and be aware of what’s around us so we can report it to the proper authorities. I believe that working together with the citizens of Killeen and utilizing the crime watch systems we have in place will help dramatically. I will do my part to ensure that the Police Departments have what they need to continue to do their jobs and keep our city safe.

CrimeCity Council

There has been talk about the need for jobs in our community and I agree 100%. We don’t need more low skilled, low paying jobs in our city. Fort Hood is a vital part of our community and the way to support Fort Hood the best is to make it available for the families of Fort Hood to seek meaningful employment. I would like to continue to serve on the council to bring high paying jobs to Killeen. I believe we need to have a diverse business community ranging from mom-and-pop businesses to hi-tech industries.

Economic DevelopmentCity Council

We need to hire a city manager that has experience in this field. One that brings experience and problem solving capabilities. Having someone that has been through the troubles that we are facing and know what to do to make the city better. We deserve the very best. 

City ManagerCity Council